Cigarette Jones


Jack “Cigarette” Jones was an American gangster in New York City during the early 1920’s. He was known around town as “Cigarette” because he smoked 3 packs a day. At a very young age, Jones controlled his own criminal crew. Based in Manhattan, the crew only lasted from 1921-1925. In 1925, Jones was arrested and indicted for operating an illegal alcohol still and sentenced to 15 years. After serving 2 years, Jones and 2 inmates managed to escape the prison. While stealing guns and killing 5 prison guards, the trio made it past the inner guard towers. They eventually made it to the prison gate, but by that time, every available guard had them cornered. The bloodbath only lasted 10 minutes before all 3 inmates were killed. “Cigarette” Jones had been shot 18 times and was pronounced dead at the age of 28.

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